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how to feel out a contempt order form in douglas county ga

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Henry County Superior Court CONTEMPT This packet contains forms and information on: How to File a Petition for Citation of Contempt IMPORTANT IF THERE IS ANY QUESTION in your mind concerning these
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Instructions and Help about coost for filing motion for contempt in cherokee county ga saperior court form
This video explains forms and practical details about both types of contempt cases the last part of this video covers of the three elements of a Content case the party seeking content must prove the other party could win if the judge doesn't believe any one of the elements has been proven sometimes a defending party can defeat a case because paperwork has not been filled out correctly or the process has not been properly followed no matter what side of a Content case you are on you will have something to learn from this video open a new browser tab and download jdf 1816 verified motion and affidavit for citation for contempt of court from the Colorado judicial branch website at WRC state co us once you get to the website click on the self-help forms tab and look under the divorce and Family Matters section you can also use the forms search box to look for the form by number there are additional JDF forms needed to file a contempt case we'll discuss these other forms later in this video once you have downloaded a JDF 18:16 fill out the caption at the top of the form in the exact same way the other documents in your case were completed if you were the co petitioner or respondent before put your name next to Co petitioner / respondent even if you are the one filing the contempt case immediately below the caption write your name where it reads I and add the other party's name in the appropriate space everything you write on the form must be the truth go to the number one on the first page of the JTF form 1816 get a copy of the court order that was previously issued by the court meaning the one you think the other person is disobeying or has disobeyed read the order carefully and make sure that the order says what you were expecting it to say it is the most recent order that hasn't been changed or staid since it was issued see number 5 on page 2 of the JTF form 1816 and it is signed by the judge if you are filing a contempt case it's critical that the order actually says what you think it says and that it is assigned and valid order if you cannot find an order where the court has told a person to do what you think they are required to do go no further if you continue and you tell the court that the order says something that it does not then you will have no case and you may be asked to pay the other person's attorneys fees and costs if everything is as you expect on the order find the date the judge signed the order and put the date on the JTF 1816 write a summary of the order on the lines below also make a copy of the order to file with the JDF 1816 don't ignore or skip any of this if you can't prove the existence and validity of the original order your contempt case will fail if you are defending yourself in a Content case consider whether the other party has proved the existence of the order you are being charged with violating if the order has not been proven you may defeat the contempt the place where you tell the court that the other party knew...